Senior Kindergarten


Our Senior Kindergarten Star Box fosters linguistic skills, logical thinking, cognitive skills and creativity in young minds.


Our Box consists of daily activity packs which are as per the preschool pattern with a perfect combination of all activities leading to holistic development of the child.
Our curriculum is based on Multiple Intelligence Theory. Our boxes are based on the school curriculum to practically learn what is taught in school.
We have play based activities with pre-recorded guidance sessions by experts.
We have exciting learning materials that are safe and age appropriate for holistic development.
Our curriculum is thematic and developed by educational professionals.


Little stars pre school box

  • 200 + Worksheets for 1 year
  • 40 + Flash Cards
  • 100 + e Flash Cards
  • 1 Drawing Book
  • 1 pencil pack
  • 1 Water color pen pack
  • 1 color pencil pack
  • 1 oil pastel pack
  • 1 plastic crayon pack
  • 1 jumbo wax crayon pack
  • 1 chalk pack
  • 1 scale
  • 1 eraser
  • 1 duster
  • 1 Chalk Holder


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